Below is a list of frequently asked questions about our sustainable solutions.
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1How do solar thermal panels work? What is the difference between solar photovoltaic panel and solar thermal panel?
The difference between these two systems are in the production of energy and their finality. Solar phtotovoltaic convert solar energy into eletric power. Thermal solar panels, on the other hand, transform solar radiation into thermal energy for water heating or other purposes.
2Why is AtSolar solar thermal panel better?
The Senergy Force solar panels not only heat air and water, they also ventilate the air and free cooling.
The whole construction process is made in Portugal and all the materials are recyclable. We always take into account the environment and its sustainability. In addition, our product will save on water and electricity bills and will also make your home more sustainable.
3What is free cooling?
Free cooling is an economical method that uses low external air temperatures to assist water cooling.
With free cooling, when the air temperature drops to pre-set levels, a modulation valve allows all or part of the cold water to pass over an existing refrigerator and flow through the less energy-consuming cooling system and use the lowest ambient temperature to cool the system water.
4What countries Senergy Force can be installed in?
Senergy Force panels can be installed all over the world.
5What NZEB means?
NZEB means “Nearly zero energy buildings”, this new directive 31/2010 it is a new ecological initiative to lower the impact our houses make on the environment.
6How can I become an installer?
Find all the information you need to become an Senergy Force installer here.
7What is the difference between Senergy Force and an air conditioner?
Compared to an air conditioner Senergy Force is a much more sustainable energy solution that offers more benefits. While air conditioner only heats and cools the air, Senergy Force panels are able to heat water and air, renew air and even free cooling. And more, with Senergy Force you can save on electricity and water bills.
8What are Senergy Force panels made of?
Force is not only a sustainable product for your home, it is also made from sustainable, recyclable materials:
  • SPF tested uncoated safety glass
  • Aluminium absorbers with Microtherm® coating
  • Extruded anodized aluminium frame
  • Aluminium-made fixation system
  • Steel-made airflow sustem
9What is the efficiency of Senergy Force panels?
Senergy Force panels have a 91% efficiency relative to safety glass transmission and 95% absorption.
10Where in a buiding can Senergy Force panels be installed?
It can be installed in façades or alternatively in inclined planes up to 25º. Look for an installer and know the viability of your project.


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